11 Years of Scandihoovian Revelry

Sometime in 2011, local merchants and citizens noticed a familiar pattern that always emerged after the holidays -- people got cranky. Determined to do something about it, someone in that bunch uttered five fateful words: "We should have a festival."

Rather than a winter version of a summer carnival, festival founders had a different kind of idea. They believed a variety of unique events would get people out of their homes to meet and talk to their neighbors, to welcome visitors and, as a bonus, make people way less cranky. 

Creative Mount Horeb residents made some inspired choices for indoor and outdoor events and activities -- a spelling bee for adults, broom ball on nearby Stewart Lake, frozen turkey bowling at the local skating rink, a fat tire bike race, Norwegian fiddlers, and many more. Ideas came from throughout the community and a village-wide festival was born. The festival even has its own signature wardrobe item - the red hat that celebrates the area's Scandinavian heritage.

So don a red hat, find an event - or several - and enjoy winter the Scandihoovian way.

​No crankiness allowed.

Scandihoovian in the News

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